Benefits of a Big Dick in a Relationship

The Importance of a Big DickI have been in a relationship with an extremely hot and appealing lady for quite a while now. On several occasions, we go out on triple dates with my best friend and his wife; and her best friend and her husband. On many occasions, we end up having very intriguing discussions. So last month we went out as usual and had our little discussions; but this time something very interesting came up. My best friend’s wife started a discussion about dick sizes. We all ended up in a heated argument, but the majority (especially the ladies) seemed to support a bigger dick as opposed to a smaller one. Based on my understanding of psychology, I noticed that women generally love bigger dicks. I have also been doing research on the benefits of having a big dick in a relationship; and I have interviewed a few ladies.

A big dick is beneficial because ladies are more inclined to men with bigger dicks. This has a lot to do with the greater measure of pleasure that they get when having sex. Obviously to ladies, a big dick looks significantly more superior to a little one – more like the way men love bigger boobs and a huge booty.

Most honest ladies would let you know that sex with a guy who has a big dick is a lot more charming and sweeter than with a man of a minor dick size. This is essentially due to the way the vagina is structured. A bigger penis obviously stretches the vagina more, which implies it can invigorate more nerves and spots around and reach the G-spot, therefore leaving her craving for more.

Many people practice oral sex to try and make their women feel better, but that’s not enough; you have to use your dick as the main priority, since vaginal climaxes are more effective than the clitoral climaxes from oral sex. Give her a vaginal climax and she will always think of you when she thinks of sex – a little dick can’t do this; only a big dick that is thick and sufficiently long can do it.

Simply the sight of an erect huge penis sexually energizes a girl and makes her body a great deal more ready to have many orgasms – this is like the way a sexy woman with big boobs and backside just by shaking her boobs in an alluring way causes almost all men to be sexually aroused.

The other reason why a big dick is important is that 80% of the ladies I have interviewed have revealed that they wish their spouses had bigger dicks. This is clear emphasis for a big dick size. One honest lady I interviewed revealed to me that when women are directly asked about dick size, they seem to give the dishonest opinion that size doesn’t matter. I feel the explanation behind this disavowal by ladies is on account of the fact that they would prefer not to harm their man’s sense of self and this is on account of the fact that we often accept with ignorance that there isn’t anything that a guy can do about his dick size.