Amazing Benefits of Oral Sex to Women

girl-732319_640The best feeling we adore in this world is when we receive benefits from things that offer us pleasure. Regular sex offers many benefits, from enjoyment to attaining better health. Besides these, it also assists in rejuvenating relationships and sprucing-up life. However, oral sex in particular has its own benefits to women. So are you wondering what these benefits are? Well, Read on. Although oral sex varies between individuals- some like and others don’t, it has been proven to have many benefits associate to women. So do you want to make your lady happy, and healthier? Well, semen does wonders to women’s health and some of the benefits arising from indulging in oral sex include:

  1. Minimizes cancer of the breast

Breast cancer is now common and a threat to women after the age of 40. A very important benefit to oral sex is that it reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. The chemicals contained in semen helps prevent the growth of breast cancer. And indulging in oral sex at least twice per week has been proven to be sure way to reduce the risk at a later date

  1. Health pregnancy

Although it isn’t advisable, most pregnant women have desire to indulge in sex more often. And as a result, the health of the unborn or the mother may be affected. There are many possibilities of an expectant mother catching infections which are harmful to the body when a man ejaculates into her vagina. And the best alternative to not only satisfy each other but also maintain closeness during pregnancy is performing oral sex as it doesn’t affect health of any of them.

  1. Controls blood pressure

Sperms assist in regulating the blood pressure in women’s bodies. In addition, it plays an important role in assisting ladies from developing blood pressure problem during pregnancy-preeclampsia. Generally, the best way to satisfy expectant mother whenever her body is heated-up and wants to relax is engaging in oral sex.

  1. Stress buster

Do you want make your lady feel lively and happier? If yes, try to practice oral sex as it has been proven to reduce depression. Chemicals such as estrogen, oxytocin, and cortisol are known to be good anti depressant and are contained in sperm. Are you feeling low and want to enhance your mood? Well, it’s simple. You just need to indulge in oral sex (Read this article for more info).

  1. Anti-aging

Are you tired of using anti aging creams? And is the glow of your face turning to wrinkles? If your answers are yes, then start indulging in oral sex with your man and soon you will experience better face. There is a chemical contained in a sperm known as spermidine which assists your cells to age at a lower rate. And this will truly assist you than any other anti aging cream in the market.

  1. Assists pregnant women stop morning sickness

Are you expectant and experiencing extreme nausea? The most advisable way to stop it is taking some of your partner’s semen. Semen has got nutrients that assist in curbing morning sickness on pregnancy period. It’s believed that the balance brought about by the mixture of sperms and hormones assist expectant mothers stop nausea.

So are you expectant woman having various problems associated with sex? Worry no more. Try oral sex as it will not only offer you satisfaction, but also assures your health and happiness.

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