Benefits of a Big Dick in a Relationship

The Importance of a Big DickI have been in a relationship with an extremely hot and appealing lady for quite a while now. On several occasions, we go out on triple dates with my best friend and his wife; and her best friend and her husband. On many occasions, we end up having very intriguing discussions. So last month we went out as usual and had our little discussions; but this time something very interesting came up. My best friend’s wife started a discussion about dick sizes. We all ended up in a heated argument, but the majority (especially the ladies) seemed to support a bigger dick as opposed to a smaller one. Based on my understanding of psychology, I noticed that women generally love bigger dicks. I have also been doing research on the benefits of having a big dick in a relationship; and I have interviewed a few ladies.

A big dick is beneficial because ladies are more inclined to men with bigger dicks. This has a lot to do with the greater measure of pleasure that they get when having sex. Obviously to ladies, a big dick looks significantly more superior to a little one – more like the way men love bigger boobs and a huge booty.

Most honest ladies would let you know that sex with a guy who has a big dick is a lot more charming and sweeter than with a man of a minor dick size. This is essentially due to the way the vagina is structured. A bigger penis obviously stretches the vagina more, which implies it can invigorate more nerves and spots around and reach the G-spot, therefore leaving her craving for more.

Many people practice oral sex to try and make their women feel better, but that’s not enough; you have to use your dick as the main priority, since vaginal climaxes are more effective than the clitoral climaxes from oral sex. Give her a vaginal climax and she will always think of you when she thinks of sex – a little dick can’t do this; only a big dick that is thick and sufficiently long can do it.

Simply the sight of an erect huge penis sexually energizes a girl and makes her body a great deal more ready to have many orgasms – this is like the way a sexy woman with big boobs and backside just by shaking her boobs in an alluring way causes almost all men to be sexually aroused.

The other reason why a big dick is important is that 80% of the ladies I have interviewed have revealed that they wish their spouses had bigger dicks. This is clear emphasis for a big dick size. One honest lady I interviewed revealed to me that when women are directly asked about dick size, they seem to give the dishonest opinion that size doesn’t matter. I feel the explanation behind this disavowal by ladies is on account of the fact that they would prefer not to harm their man’s sense of self and this is on account of the fact that we often accept with ignorance that there isn’t anything that a guy can do about his dick size.

Powerful Techniques to Make Her Cum and Squirt

swimming-pool-855662_640Whereas some ladies to do not know how to orgasm, some reach their orgasm heights by just a little nudging from a man. Some ladies can even cum and ejaculate their vaginal juices all over the place– all over the bed, on the floor and even on your face. Every man feels great if he is able to make the whole body of her lady tremble from the waves of pleasure while she ejaculates her fluids all over.

Below are some of simple but powerful techniques that will make a girl scream, cum, and squirt with ultimate pleasure.

  • Set the correct mood through preparing of place

There is need that you create the correct mood and ease her mind from any possible distractions during sex. This involves preparing your place carefully and yourself in particular just before she comes. To prepare your place, you will need to work thoroughly on cleanliness. That is, tidy up your place carefully by putting everything in order before she comes and ensure you focus on the smell too. Making you place look attractive will greatly boost the mood for proper sex (squirting and ejaculation). You may also require sexy music for the same.

Apart from making your place tidy, it will also necessary that you freshen up carefully, trim your nails, and if possible apply attractive and sweet smelling cologne.

  • Involve her in a proper foreplay

After putting every other thing in order it is important that you engage her in her proper foreplay to warm her up. Apply gentle techniques such as gentle and sensual massage, simple dirty talk to get her in the mood (if at all she is happy with it), whispering softly into her ear, focusing on her sensitive pleasure zones (erogenous zones) among many others.

  • Locate her G-sport

This is usually a swishy skin ball located along the front vagina wall and swells up when the lady becomes aroused. Use your finger gently to manipulate the G-spot while focusing on other sensitive zones like suckling the breasts or rubbing them gently with the other remaining finger. You can also increase the excitement and stimulation by licking her clitoris and pressing the area between the navel and the pubic mound.

If she says she needs to urinate, convince her she cannot urinate at this point and she should not hold it back is she feels like. The urge to hold it back may increase and be sure she will start to orgasm and ejaculate gushing out a light liquid or a drenching spray that may fill a single teaspoon or even a cup. Do not be afraid for this is actually normal but it is advisable to have a towel around.

After she has finished, allow her to break since at this point the vagina is totally sensitive and going for a second round may make her feel pain only rather than pleasure. The feeling is usually the same to that you feel after realizing the sperms during ejaculation.

Amazing Benefits of Oral Sex to Women

girl-732319_640The best feeling we adore in this world is when we receive benefits from things that offer us pleasure. Regular sex offers many benefits, from enjoyment to attaining better health. Besides these, it also assists in rejuvenating relationships and sprucing-up life. However, oral sex in particular has its own benefits to women. So are you wondering what these benefits are? Well, Read on. Although oral sex varies between individuals- some like and others don’t, it has been proven to have many benefits associate to women. So do you want to make your lady happy, and healthier? Well, semen does wonders to women’s health and some of the benefits arising from indulging in oral sex include:

  1. Minimizes cancer of the breast

Breast cancer is now common and a threat to women after the age of 40. A very important benefit to oral sex is that it reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. The chemicals contained in semen helps prevent the growth of breast cancer. And indulging in oral sex at least twice per week has been proven to be sure way to reduce the risk at a later date

  1. Health pregnancy

Although it isn’t advisable, most pregnant women have desire to indulge in sex more often. And as a result, the health of the unborn or the mother may be affected. There are many possibilities of an expectant mother catching infections which are harmful to the body when a man ejaculates into her vagina. And the best alternative to not only satisfy each other but also maintain closeness during pregnancy is performing oral sex as it doesn’t affect health of any of them.

  1. Controls blood pressure

Sperms assist in regulating the blood pressure in women’s bodies. In addition, it plays an important role in assisting ladies from developing blood pressure problem during pregnancy-preeclampsia. Generally, the best way to satisfy expectant mother whenever her body is heated-up and wants to relax is engaging in oral sex.

  1. Stress buster

Do you want make your lady feel lively and happier? If yes, try to practice oral sex as it has been proven to reduce depression. Chemicals such as estrogen, oxytocin, and cortisol are known to be good anti depressant and are contained in sperm. Are you feeling low and want to enhance your mood? Well, it’s simple. You just need to indulge in oral sex (Read this article for more info).

  1. Anti-aging

Are you tired of using anti aging creams? And is the glow of your face turning to wrinkles? If your answers are yes, then start indulging in oral sex with your man and soon you will experience better face. There is a chemical contained in a sperm known as spermidine which assists your cells to age at a lower rate. And this will truly assist you than any other anti aging cream in the market.

  1. Assists pregnant women stop morning sickness

Are you expectant and experiencing extreme nausea? The most advisable way to stop it is taking some of your partner’s semen. Semen has got nutrients that assist in curbing morning sickness on pregnancy period. It’s believed that the balance brought about by the mixture of sperms and hormones assist expectant mothers stop nausea.

So are you expectant woman having various problems associated with sex? Worry no more. Try oral sex as it will not only offer you satisfaction, but also assures your health and happiness.

How To Boost Sexual Stamina In Men With Natural Remedies Available

sperm-34808_640Many guys are curious to increase sperm count in their ejaculation. As such men are trying various ways to get large semen volume but some are ending up in pain and side effects of allopathic remedies. Sperm production is a continuous process. Men, who engage in frequent lovemaking episodes with their charming ladies, used to ejaculate less semen volume that reduces pleasure in lovemaking. It is suggested to give a gap of one or two days to boost semen load and enjoy enhanced sexual pleasure in lovemaking.

On the safer side, you can try herbal remedies like Musli Kaunch capsules and Spermac capsules to get large semen volume and sperm count naturally. Sperms are produced and stored for ejaculation during lovemaking. Sperms are later blended with fluids produced in the prostate and the seminal vesicles. The semen load depends on the time of sexual arousal and the total time spent for lovemaking. The longer the gap you give between lovemaking episodes, you can improve large semen loads to enjoy sexual pleasure in the love act.

Men, who are suffering from dehydration, are likely to ejaculate less semen volume. You need to ensure sound sleep, drink plenty of water, reduce stress levels and consume zinc rich diet to get large semen volume.

Foods rich in selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3 and glutathione safeguards your body from free radicals damage and boosts sperm count and sperm motility naturally. Therefore, you can include foods like eggs, meat, fish, sunflower seeds, onion, grains, mushrooms, tomato, broccoli, spinach, kiwi, grapefruit, orange juice, red pepper, nuts, shellfish and Brazil nuts.

You are also advised to practice exercises to strengthen PC muscles, and that helps to produce more semen volume in an ejaculation. Therefore, you can practice Kegel exercises regularly to boost semen load and sperm count naturally (Read this article for more info). You should stop intake of sodas. You are advised to wear loose undergarments to ensure sufficient oxygen supply and rejuvenate reproductive organs.

You need to consume one Spermac capsule and one Musli Kaunch capsule daily two times with milk or water for 3 to 4 months to get large semen volume. You can successfully impregnate your lady with consistent use of herbal pills.

Key ingredients in Spermac capsules are Safed Musli, Gokhru Fruit, Kaunch seed, shatavari, Lauh, Pipal, Tejpatra, Kutki, Sudh Shilajit, Dalchini, Long, Tejpatra, Shwet Jeera, Kalonji, Nagbala, Vidarikand, Jaiphal, Ashwagandha and Kaunch Seed.

Chief constituents of Musli Kaunch capsules are Kaunch, Semal Musli, Musli Sya, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Bala and Gokhru.

Safed Musli is rich in proteins, alkaloids, saponins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber. It is one of the best herbs to increase sperm count and sex drive. It offers an effective cure for sexual weakness and male impotence.

Gokhru is a natural libido enhancer. It is rich in steroidal saponins, puro stanol, flavonoid glycosides, Harman and nor Harman. It also has anti-microbial, aphrodisiac, hypotensive and diuretic properties.

Sudh Shilajit is rich in important minerals, amino acids, and organic acids. It boosts stamina and sexual health. It boosts testosterone and libido.

Semal Musli is another potent herb to improve male stamina and sexual health.

Shatavari improves vigor and stamina. It offers effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Jaiphal is among the best herbs to cure spermatorrhea and impotence. It boosts libido and prolong the love act to enjoy intimate moments with your female.

All these herbs are blended in the right combination to cure sexual disorders and boost semen load, sperm motility, sperm count, sexual energy and stamina.